Waiting on Wednesday #15

November 17, 2010

Gehostet von Breaking the Spine!

Diesmal ein englisches Buch.
Ich hab nicht herausgefunden, ob es ein Einzelband ist oder nicht.
Jedenfalls hört es sich total toll an c:
Und das Cover ist großartig!


Titel: Awaken
Autor: Katie Kacvinsky
Zyklus: ?
Erscheinungsdatum: 23. Mai 2011

In the year 2060, everything is done digitally. Kids no longer go to schools. They stay home and take classes online. Adults work from home, too. Even dating is no longer done in person. Why walk on a real beach when you can stroll down a digitally remastered one instead? No bad weather, no seagulls, nothing real to ruin a perfectly fine time.

Though she’s grown up in this digital world, something about being cut off from everyone doesn’t sit right with seventeen-year-old Madeline. Her favorite activity–the only one she does off line–is soccer. She likes the physicality of it and the comradery with the other girls.

Then she meets Justin. He, too, prefers life off line. It’s all he talks about. He even takes her out to a real coffee shop and an underground club. Maybe it’s his attentiveness, or the physical closeness of actually being with someone, or just that he’s very good looking, Madie is definitely drawn to him. But there’s also something very aloof about him, like perhaps he’s hiding something.

When Madie uncovers the truth, she’s faced with the question: What’s more important, fighting for what you believe in or love?

2 Responses to “Waiting on Wednesday #15”

  1. Ivi Says:

    hört sich doch wirklich sehr interessant an finde ich 🙂 auf jeden fall ein buch, dass ich lesen würde 🙂

  2. Pia Says:

    Unglaublich interessant! Freu mich schon wenn es raus ist – auch wenn es wieder so lange dauert -.- – aber das wird defenitiv mal näher angeguckt 😀

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